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My TouchCast video won't render and upload or my Project won't upload, what's wrong?

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Sometimes the TouchCast software might have a bug or issue that's blocking you from rendering your TouchCast video, or uploading your video or Project. However, most of the time the issue occurs on the user's end. Here are some troubleshooting tips to see if you can solve the issue:

1. Check your internet connection. Are you on wifi? Open a browser on the device and make sure you can load a public webpage. Try or and see if the network speed is decent (above 20 mpbs for download and above 5 mpbs for upload). 

2. Does your school or office have a firewall that would prevent TouchCast from connecting to Amazon Web Services? Sometimes security or IT departments block connections like this. If this might be the case, you can have the IT department read this article to whitelist TouchCast so that everything will work for you.

3. Does your device have enough free storage space to create a temporary file? TouchCast videos and Projects are large and they need enough free storage space to write a temporary file before uploading. If there's not enough space, the upload will fail. 

4. Does your device have enough virtual memory to manage a big task like rendering a video? Because TouchCast videos and projects are large, if your device is running low on memory then it can result in the app crashing. You can fix this by freeing memory prior to rendering or uploading. Close other apps so that none are running in the background. Restart the device if it hasn't been restarted in 24 hours. Restart the TouchCast app. Performing these tasks will keep virtual memory free and make sure that the TouchCast application can get the maximum power out of your device to perform these heavy tasks.

5. Are you running the latest operating system on your device? If you haven't updated your device in a long time (like over a year) then there's a good chance that you need to update the operating system to make sure the TouchCast application can function properly. 

6. Are you running the latest version of TouchCast? We are often fixing bugs and pushing updates out. Using the latest version of TouchCast ensures you have the latest patches that might solve your issue.

If you've checked on all the above and you still cannot render a video or upload a video or Project, then please contact us and let us know the details (product, version, operating system).



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